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Her Own Private Island, to which she was banned

So, my husband and I attended weddings in the Midwest. Joy and exuberance marked our visit of 4000 air miles and 1200 miles of driving in a rental car. We filled the time between the events with visits with extended family and longtime friends.… ...

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Language is Everything

Language is Beauty – words, rhythm, turns of phrase. Language is deathless – once written, it can be seen forever, uncensored like thoughts and spoken words. Language has a beat and singers sing to it, drummers drum to it, audiences enjoy it.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: an evening dress and an ICU visit

This miracle started with a fundraiser, well, it actually started with a disease. Cancer, the big, f***ing, frightening disease.

I’d had breast cancer – and before that, my mom did. We survived, lived to tell our tale and show our support for others facing the enormous scope of this disease.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: US

On Monday I shared my view of an enormously satisfying event and I hope that you’ve been graced with sighting it, too: a Taurid meteor shower. What a treat of Nature! “Look! Up in the sky, it’s —-!”  https://pjcolandoblog.com/you-are-a-shooting-star/

Ten years ago, Larry and I celebrated another unearthly magical night, an arena rock event with music that soared into space.… ...

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Country Manor

Country Manor: it’s where I aspired to live. I clung to a dream with a dead wrong boyfriend during the early ’70s. It was the name of a store where my Hadleyware collection began, gifts from his mother who craved my entrance to the family.… ...

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What’s in a name?



noun: An eternal optimist.
After Wilkins Micawber, an incurable optimist in the novel David Copperfield (1850) by Charles Dickens. His schemes for making money never materialize, but he’s always hopeful that “something will turn up”.
Moyzis is the name of a UC Irvine biological chemistry professor who recently published his research that found a dopamine gene variant linked to human longevity… Because the FDA is mere steps away from the campus, it can’t be long before this happiness gene is plopped inside a capsule to fuel our years to 100.
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Blue Bird of Happiness

images-1Happiness is craved, for me as much as anyone, I confess.

In search of evermore accurate ways of quantifying human happiness, researchers at the University of Vermont have tuned into Twitter. Seriously, the Hollywood hype forum has come under academic scrutiny.… ...

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I feel Pretty

pretty gorgeous

Pretty, I feel pretty…”

I never related to this tuneful phrase until after my cancer diagnosis, with its treatment and trials, not the least of which was discovering that I was not included with ‘them’. Triple bad and ugly.

It was very difficult to assimilate that....

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