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Life as a Miracle: an evening dress and an ICU visit

This miracle started with a fundraiser, well, it actually started with a disease. Cancer, the big, f***ing, frightening disease.

I’d had breast cancer – and before that, my mom did. We survived, lived to tell our tale and show our support for others facing the enormous scope of this disease.… ...

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I’m a Spice Girl… What About You?

 I’m a nice girl, everything sugar and spice girl… What about you?

Is bling your thing, your reward or your promise for being alive? To what commitments to health and happiness do you adhere? What habits do you embrace and/or long for?… ...

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Red vs White for Christmas Past, Present, and Future

We have a highly quotable friend. So, full disclosure, this is a phrase of his: “Drink red to be contemplative, white to get wild.”

Knowing John, he does either well. At least he used to. We know each other a lo-ong time.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Dr. John

The first person I told was Dr. John. Just inside the door of his home.

His eyes softened instantly and he paused. My entry demeanor was not typical ‘let’s party PJ’, though that’s why I’d come. He hugged me lightly, folded his arms across his chest, and then cocked his head.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: Broken

Dang! The ancient stretch cord holding the beads and bangles of a Christmas bracelet broke, and all of the baubles came tumbling down. Just as we headed out to church service on Sunday. My wrist would not be holiday-adorned.

Crunch! I nearly fell as I stepped from the curb into our car to drive away from said service, my heart filled with hope, joy, and love.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: US

On Monday I shared my view of an enormously satisfying event and I hope that you’ve been graced with sighting it, too: a Taurid meteor shower. What a treat of Nature! “Look! Up in the sky, it’s —-!”  https://pjcolandoblog.com/you-are-a-shooting-star/

Ten years ago, Larry and I celebrated another unearthly magical night, an arena rock event with music that soared into space.… ...

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Curb Appeal

I was seated in the orthopedist’s waiting room the other day. Not for mends to my bones, but for a friend who’d survived a near fatal automobile accident…thankfully with only a crushed left heel. She is now a fervent believer in ‘Living Life as a Miracle’, too.… ...

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Trust Your Gut

2014-05-29-gut There’s much discussion these days about one’s gut health. Among medical practioniers of all ilks. Much of it gyrates about glutton and gluten, words that share letter sequences. Hm-m-nn.

I have to admit that I Align better with this discussion of this new health wrinkle than a discussion of one’s ills and pills.… ...

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May Day!


may-day-flowers-clip-art-5Remember that holiday rite where you left a bouquet at a the front door of a friend, rang the doorbell, and ran away?

Me neither. May be it was a florists’ dream from the 1950s. Established as the first of May and entitled May Day!… ...

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“Happy as Larry”

Greetings in America, a land of congeniality. In other parts of our country not blessed by irrepressible sunshine, people converse about weather. I’ve shared the jaw-dropping, weather-related comments of some of our visitors from Elsewhere in America in another post. They left us aghast.… ...

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