This tale may not respond to the question posed, yet shares a true event.

It is also healthy and sweet. Happy endings rather than mystery and sad/bad ends are my preferred writing space.

It all began with a power wash of our stucco-sided home, followed by significant window washing post-three months of cluster-f*** construction that occurred within twelve feet of our home.… ...

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There was a time when my husband flew so much on business that he could have sprouted wings.wings


After all he is ‘the best man alive’, my angel.

As he did his sales work in Elsewhere, USA, he amassed so many frequent flier miles that, even after his seven years of retirement, we still roust about the country on points.… ...

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I wish the Pink Panther had come to mind, singing this jokular refrain. I wish his image had helped me laugh at the situation. But it didn’t. There was no joking this injustice away.

I’ve long been admonished that life isn’t fair, but I want it to be and work at my quest anyway.… ...

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