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My Favored Place to Write


If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be?

Today’s Insecure Writers question isn’t a question to me. It is a statement of peace and joy… For my favored place to write is Home.… ...

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Clothes Rapport

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A Cautionary TALE

 The good news is that my knees didn’t buckle, bend the wrong way, or creak during Thai travel.
The bad news evoked more revery than a single sentence…
Fragile, cautious, in jeopardy. Not feelings I’d ever experienced before. Never a victim of robbery or rape, I’d lived a face-forward life.
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Curb Appeal

I was seated in the orthopedist’s waiting room the other day. Not for mends to my bones, but for a friend who’d survived a near fatal automobile accident…thankfully with only a crushed left heel. She is now a fervent believer in ‘Living Life as a Miracle’, too.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: at the Airport AGAIN!

There was a time when my husband flew so much on business that he could have sprouted wings.wings


After all he is ‘the best man alive’, my angel.

As he did his sales work in Elsewhere, USA, he amassed so many frequent flier miles that, even after his seven years of retirement, we still roust about the country on points.… ...

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Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant

I wish the Pink Panther had come to mind, singing this jokular refrain. I wish his image had helped me laugh at the situation. But it didn’t. There was no joking this injustice away.

I’ve long been admonished that life isn’t fair, but I want it to be and work at my quest anyway.… ...

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