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Life as a Miracle: though petrified, I prevailed


“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”

Joan Didion’s famed opening line resounded the air as I took my first step into the slot canyon. I hoped I’d survive to tell this story. We’d read, in a Nat Geo article, that the walk in/out of Petra was four miles and I had a gimp.… ...

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Revolution is built on Hope

At last we saw the latest Star Wars epic, Rogue One. Smash, bang, boom, whip fast, gee whiz, shazam!

The film’s clarion through line, “Revolution is built on hope” renewed mine. Hope against hope.

Yoda said it first, though I didn’t locate his essence in the new film.… ...

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A Cautionary TALE

 The good news is that my knees didn’t buckle, bend the wrong way, or creak during Thai travel.
The bad news evoked more revery than a single sentence…
Fragile, cautious, in jeopardy. Not feelings I’d ever experienced before. Never a victim of robbery or rape, I’d lived a face-forward life.
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7 Hs in Him

It’s  hard to be humble when you live in the Milky Way, part of a universe commanded into being. “Because I said so,” God would say if you asked, using every parent’s fallback refrain.

It’s important to be humane as well as human in our place in the uneasy universe. … ...

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…”when I’m 64″

Sgt. Pepper's Band

We were celebrating a big birthday and an ‘all-clear’ from cancer for me. My husband and I had also endured an intense period of deaths, pitfalls, and passages in the prior year, and we needed to culminate our grieving with some kind of commemorative trophy.… ...

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