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Life as a Miracle: Connected to J

There’s a dear person. I’ve known her for five-six years. She married a son of my husband’s cousin, with whom Larry grew up as a sister, because his two sisters were much older than him – moved away from home to attend higher learning schools by the time Larry entered first grade.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: My Lazarus Dad

There are few words that can tilt your world faster than “You’re fired.”

Unless it’s “Your dad’s in a coma and not expected to live.”

Two conversational clips that I heard within an hour seven years ago. St. Patty’s wasn’t my dad’s lucky day – nor was it mine – in 2008.… ...

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Last Rites

Yesterday I posted about Death and Taxes, the American inevitabilities. It was a scary day for a friend and her husband, which prompted thoughts of such a day in my life. Over 100 days have passed. With some emotional distance, perhaps I can write it out…it was taxing to confront death…

That scary day our adventures were way-laid when my husband’s Rose Parade was in a different conveyance – and to a different destination – than planned.… ...

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