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No, I got GPS

You may/may not have heard me share that we’ve averaged two months/year of houseguests. My husband and I have lived here for nearly forty years… do the math.

Yes, welcome or unwelcome, we are nearing a benchmark of seven years of tourists onsite, children and/or adults in our face, requesting meals as well as comfy bed, fresh-washed linens, and pillow choices 😉 Thank goodness we don’t have a pet, which might ignite allergies and complaints.… ...

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Traffic and Trust

“How can they allow motorcycles between the cars on the freeways? What if someone opened their cardoor?”

This question/comment from a Colorado visitor long before the state legalized dope… Yikes!

$_35Neither my husband or I replied. How could we? We were/are not ‘they’ and the imbecilic notion of opening one’s car door while going 65+ mph couldn’t be touched politely.… ...

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