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18 inches of Personal Space

A bit of personal space enhances human interaction. To fact-check this statement, count the inches between you and another the next you enter a throng, desiring to make a human connection and strike up a conversation with someone.

Heed the rules, pay attention.

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Random Acts of Kindness

I perform random acts of kindness.

Though mine are neither random nor an act. I engage. It’s why must be done to thrive: be love.

Selfless, enabling, and spontaneous acts in a ‘be like Jesus’ mode. Radical to some, anathema to others, who remain stymied by fear.… ...

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My dietary aspirations have taken a pratfall again. It’s not my fault; it’s self-licensing.

Never heard of the inherent human travail before? Here’s your definition of the Word of the Day: n. The unconscious tendency to allow yourself to do something bad after you’ve done something good. ...

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7 Hs in Him

It’s  hard to be humble when you live in the Milky Way, part of a universe commanded into being. “Because I said so,” God would say if you asked, using every parent’s fallback refrain.

It’s important to be humane as well as human in our place in the uneasy universe. … ...

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