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Creativity Evolved

I may or may not always be an insecure writer – such is the nature of the beast – but I know that my style, creativity, and aplomb have evolved since I started writing free 7-8 years ago.

What began as a quest to accomplish wishes not yet explored in my life – like playing the French Horn or rollerskating with grace, balance, and finesse or writing without the prescribed stricture of clinical reports (I was a speech-language pathologist and had written thousands and thousands and thousands, some with fabulous fiction on the page 😉 – has turned into an encore career.… ...

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The mind wanders

worryThis post was written in late February as I awaited a scheduled surgery date. I acted on my faithful friend’s wisdom, that, what the mind doesn’t know, it invents…I sidetracked worry into its own dead end, not allowing it to blight my day or night.… ...

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