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Life as a Miracle: Rocking the Boots

I remember the date, the place, the time.

Do you think I loved him?

I remember what he wore and where he posed…

Do you think I loved him?

I remember I giggled at the party host’s introduction…

Do you think it was true?… ...

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Belying the Miracle and Humbled

vampire-8482042I’d just arrived home from a writing critique meeting. My work wasn’t on deck, so it hadn’t been rough… on me. But I felt another writer’s pain as he looked in my eyes, witness to the slaughter of others’ opinions that spewed forth around the table, each trying to dominate, to win!… ...

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Mystery solved


For 25 years, every since the advent of the alphabet soup of Sue Grafton, I only and always read mystery books. I devoured them. I read Barr, Burke, Christie, Crais, Evanovich, Muller, Paretsky, Parker, Sandford, Tracy – if I left anyone out, let me know.… ...

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