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Traveler Talents

So, we depart soon for vacation, South America bound.

Our tour package, entitled “The Best of South America”, highlights prized sites and sights: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu, and Easter Island.

We’re hoping the physicality of this trip isn’t beyond our knees… With successive travel adventure abroad (now at 40 countries explored via tour after accomplishing visits to all 50 states), we’ve been reminded of a wondrous reality of life in America: Prez Bush One passed ADA.… ...

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Knees and needs

Today my sibling, four years younger, is having double knee replacement surgery.

Three months ago today, I injured my knee on a beach walk – coincident with her email announcement.

Bad knees are our heritage, so I inquired of all siblings about their needs and knees, a compassionate listener.… ...

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