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Life as a Miracle: Graduation Day

This is a tale of a recent graduation ceremony. Not mine or Larry’s, but of a young man of great worth to us.

Especially Larry. The young collegiate had pulled himself up by his bootstraps, sort of like his ‘Uncle Lar.’… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Lean on Me

In October 2106, I took a big spill. It’s a miracle my aging bones didn’t break. If ‘inquiring minds’ wish to read about it, here’s the past post: https://pjcolandoblog.com/life-miracle-no-fault-fall/

I endured. Two weeks’ wait for the swelling to go down, pain pills ‘taken as needed’, but not as often as you think.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Sunday Safari 1991

For two dozen years, Soroptimists, an international service organization for women, consumed my spare time. Most often it was a good thing, a boon to my life. Because I was in solo private practice, and did not earn my speech-language pathology degree in this state, I had few compadres with whom to interact.… ...

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Life as A Miracle: Purdue Party Meet

Life as a Miracle – it’s a great way to live. Filled with wonder, in-the-moment, unfettered and free, it fuels peace, love, joy, and contentment.

Speaking of peace, love, joy, and contentment, as well as the miracles of life, here’s the tale of a chance meeting that altered the path of my life: the night I met The Man.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: a new friend helps me comfort an old friend

Several years ago I published a book, followed by another and another, with one in the works… Who knew I had an affinity for one, let alone a lot?

Well… you know who and you know how, you get the gist.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Dr. John

The first person I told was Dr. John. Just inside the door of his home.

His eyes softened instantly and he paused. My entry demeanor was not typical ‘let’s party PJ’, though that’s why I’d come. He hugged me lightly, folded his arms across his chest, and then cocked his head.… ...

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