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Welcome our Speaker – or not!

One of my perpetually-favorite writer groups features premium speakers on a variety of topics. I’m lucky. I learn.

The topic was “How to get your book made into a movie” – and what author doesn’t want to know that? We all want to be Michael Connely… who, btw, is so famous he produces the award-winning series and sits in the Writers Room.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: The Last-Minute Cruise

It was a last-minute cruise to the Holy Land, among other stops in the Mediterranean.

My husband and I typically took one grand trip a year. Travel is our thing. But in 2010, we were stumped.

Then an overlarge picture-postcard came in the mail.… ...

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My husband is the Dalai Lama of listeners


My husband, Larry, is a listener. Me, too. A frequent compliment for my writing is that “PJ Colando has a very good dialogue ear.” You don’t have to guess where it comes from. I’m dedicated, well-practiced, empathetic, entuned.

Yet, I declare my husband the Dalai Lama of Listeners....

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Pregnant Pause

“Whatever happened to Sarah Sota?” the snide talking head inquired.

“Her business card is on the table near your left hand. Why don’t you pick it up and call her?” I benignly, sincerely said.

Her fluffy face blanched but she didn’t chance a glance: at me nor the card.… ...

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