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Around the House a Union of Opposites Work

I am the type of person who closes a safety pin before tossing in a drawer; my husband is not. In his defense, he’s a leftie, so he fumbles with the thin metal clasp and, well, safety pins are somewhat passe.… ...

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What love is –

 What love is:

  • relentless tender feelings and accommodation of foibles…
  • utter lack of practicality to provide any and all support…
  • ardent devotion gingerly mingled with silliness: to take oneself seriously is to undermine the nature of loving another more than oneself…
  • enthusiasm for all things, large, small, and/or incidental… to acknowledge the joy in the eyes of another
  • kindness and covering up, derailing bullets that could strike your loved one’s pride or heart…
  • discernment of true intent of expression, whether facial, gestural, or vocal… or no body language at all.
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I’m a Spice Girl… What About You?

 I’m a nice girl, everything sugar and spice girl… What about you?

Is bling your thing, your reward or your promise for being alive? To what commitments to health and happiness do you adhere? What habits do you embrace and/or long for?… ...

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Self Love: Mind the Gap

If I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?

Let’s get to work to fill that gap. Promise yourself:

  • To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
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Living Life as a Miracle: Mother Speaks Up

There's Always An Upside by PJ ColandoTen years ago, days before my birthday, my mother suffered a massive stroke. An incident that brought me to church, a miraculous God-incidence that I have testified and written about. You can purchase the book on my website, pjcolando.com

It was also a few days before my fourth chemotherapy to fight breast cancer.… ...

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Tis the season of giving, sparked by Giving Tuesday on December 1. I hope you gave your heart out that day along with lots of dough (not the bakery kind, though I posted about that last week). If you didn’t replace the jingle of personally pocketed coins with Santa’s spirited jingle bells as you wrote checks on that day, do so now while you listen to this:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwZjz_WEpaM

The key phrase is among my favorites: “Love isn’t love ”til you give it away”

Try this trick: insert “money” into the words of the ballad… while you can’t replace money with love, sharing money extends the ‘brand’, if you will.… ...

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I just went over to bake Christmas cookies…

P1030509I just went over to communally bake cookies and I was barely ten feet and ten minutes inside the door when

she pounced without an ounce of compunction to ask: “Do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in greeting at this time of year?”

Well, I do.… ...

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Curb Appeal

I was seated in the orthopedist’s waiting room the other day. Not for mends to my bones, but for a friend who’d survived a near fatal automobile accident…thankfully with only a crushed left heel. She is now a fervent believer in ‘Living Life as a Miracle’, too.… ...

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The Opinions of the Husband

P1050176Legend has it that three days passed between when my mother’s father hung this trivet on the kitchen wall, next to the sink used multiple times each day, before my grandmother noticed it.

When my grandmother passed, this was my request from their household, my grandparents’ earthly goods in Greensburg, Indiana.… ...

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Been There. Done That.

Whew. Sometimes, you skip that amazing event because you crave a home stay, to read a book or watch TV or flick away idly at Facebook posts, while brutalizing your psyche with thoughts that you’ve missed a scrapbook moment, one for which it’s already too late.… ...

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