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Happy Anniversary: 40+ Years of War and Peace

Happy Anniversary to Me! Happy Anniversary to You! Happy Everything to Us in the USA!… ...

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THE INCIDENT: 1st character pov

OMG. What a morning! Though I’d only had three appointments, all the clients’ marriages were beyond salvation. I was as drained as a city’s water reservoir during the recent drought. I’d talked ‘til I was blue in the face.

I’d talked until I’d run out of ideas and breath.… ...

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Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver: “One who drives slowly, as for leisure or sightseeing.”

'67 Chevy

Every Sunday afternoon, I recall clearly because I was at the “I want to learn to drive” age, my family went for a leisurely country drive. I wanted a turn, but…No.… ...

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Pink vs. Blue Sweetener


Look at the sweetener array. I paused each time I opened the kitchen cupboard when visiting my parents’ home in Indiana. Confronted with choices before I’d sipped the coffee in my mug…yikes! Confusion. Complications. All I wanted was to get my day started with coffee!… ...

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Breakfast at Tiffanys

My husband is the best man alive. I love him completely, thoroughly, and true. We’ve been together since February 16, 1974. He loves me and is very giving, but he is not a hearts, flowers, chocolate, and jewelry guy.

It matters not, for I can buy these myself....

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His eyes disappear when he smiles and he smiles a lot.  He is smart and crafty and as handsome as a god.  And, a god he is in my world.

My world is deep and wide because I am a gregarious soul. … ...

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