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“You remember that! You remember that!”


My husband and I enjoyed nostalgic outdoor concerts in the various Orange County, CA parks throughout the summer. One of the premiums of high density living is the abundance of choice. While there’s the inherent traffic – because, after all, what narcissist would assume to be the only one on the road?… ...

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Time Capsule

In December 1986 I assembled a time capsule to hastily insert in an extra concrete pour necessitated by our pool contractor’s incorrectly-placed layout. It seemed that the entrance steps into the sports pool were harrowingly near our home’s sliding door. Wouldn’t want Lar to inadvertently splash into the pool on his way to BBQ our evening’s meal!… ...

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Angel Kisses

Grandmother says they’re angel kisses and pulls me to her bosom.

I welcome her emphatic stance. It comes just in time for me to wipe emergent tears on her apron, unseen. Surreptitious. I am enfolded into a mighty love, breathing a heavenly scent of roses.… ...

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Ticket to Ride

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of my ticket to ride! I’m posting today to honor the date that Sandy Schultz phoned me with the news that my raffle ticket had won the Soroptimist International float ride in the 2003 Rose Parade. I wrote a short story about it all and hope to have it published: Ticket to Ride.… ...

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