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Happy Anniversary: 40+ Years of War and Peace

Happy Anniversary to Me! Happy Anniversary to You! Happy Everything to Us in the USA!… ...

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Spiced Cider, Venus, and Mars –

I wore Estee Lauder lipstick for years. The color was Spiced Cider. Women loved it and complimented it universally. My husband never said a word.

He just kissed me 😎 Who was I to complain?

Colorful lips were useful in my career as a speech-language pathologist.… ...

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Simply Rain

What do you do when you can’t sleep, Constant Reader?

It’s a decidedly female dilemma, something hormonal and related to cortisol levels. A physician once explained the phenomena to me: that the mid-afternoon stress level is mirrored twelve hours later, at 2:30 a.m.… ...

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Poolology and Social Permission

It’s well-known that men and women differ: biology, psychology, sociology… On and on the divergences show – and flow.

Even in our sports club’s pool, where I observe all. Especially there, when-and-where my limbs are occupied.

There are three lap-length lanes in the free-for-all pool.… ...

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Double entendre words

We’re all aware of double entendre, a French phrase that masks dirty tricks of language, sexual innuendo and such. I recall an embarrassing attempt to titter beyond my parent’s Squaresville comprehension once as a teen. Only once. Nevermore…I’d forgotten that they’d been teens, too.… ...

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Women are from Venus; Men are from Mars

Lights out at 7:35 p.m.

No, this is not a description of our Baby Boomer bedtime.

Lights off, TV becalmed, desktop computers no longer sleeping, but shut down. More importantly, the carefully-plugged in emergency light poised between the kitchen and family room did not come on to bathe us in imitation sunshine.… ...

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