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Life as a Miracle: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

“Cleveland Rocks”. “Magic Carpet Ride”. “American Girl”. “Ride My SeeSaw”.

What do these rock anthems have in common?

Many things, Constant Reader, many things. And, all of them memorable validations to me… Our Father wanted us to be there, despite a ticket snafu 😉 (but that’s another block post, a miracle to be believed)

  1. “Cleveland Rocks” was the tune on the airport shuttle’s radio, starting up when the vehicle entered the terminal’s looping drive and ending as the driver dropped us off at SouthWest Airlines’ gates.
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Life as a Miracle: ATT to phone home

The Loma Pieta, CA earthquake occurred on this date at 5:04 p.m. I’d just begun two things I never do:

1. turn on the TV to watch baseball’s World Series, a crosstown rivalry event in the Bay Area, and

2.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: 40th Birthday Surprise

My husband relishes control, while I cherish freedom. Each accepted the challenge of the other, near 40 years ago.

As you might surmise, Larry hates surprises. As the girlfriend, I’d tried once, in front of his sisters, by making popcorn balls for his birthday.… ...

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My belief system should be clear to you, Constant Reader. I’ve often used the Einstein quote in my four years of blog-iverse blather. There is a God and He offers miracles daily. I believe. It’s a choice.

I also had grand Parents, who tried their best to get along and raise four kids…though they didn’t raise the siblings to get along with me.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Satchel Easy-Peasy

airport-739311_640Life as a Miracle for the Colando couple seems to revolve around airports, not a door.

Life as a Miracle related to travel validates our quest, our zest for forays throughout the world.

The one I’ll relate in this post rolls back to 1993, when my husband traveled-for-a-month on business+fun in Europe.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: LAX Crosswalk

airport-739311_640It was late night and I was alone. At LAX, a pinpoint on the daily passenger map, estimated back then at 50 million people a day. A minuscule ant among those traveling hither-thither-and-yon.

Scared. You bet I was. Even a near miss wouldn’t do: I needed to re-unite with my man.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Mini

Zippety-doo-dahI’d never loved my Mini more, and I’d never loved it less.

After I share what Zippety-Do-Dah did and can-do, you’ll rush to a dealer to purchase. Do without regret.

Last Saturday, my husband abbreviated his gym work-out to arrive home in time to pack me and my book-selling booty into the back of his SUV.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: Purple Hearts

P1050186A dozen purple hearts dance around my wrist alongside a sapphire as blue as my eyes, which not like the middle Eastern evil eye amulet, thank heaven.

  • Amethyst beauties that wouldn’t bedazzle if it hadn’t been for a miracle, a coincidence of God.
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Life as a Miracle: Arena Rock

images-2The guttural, low-toned chant of “Br-r-u-u-ce!” chilled me as it reverberated the Coliseum. Lar and I stood in front of our folding chairs, among others filing on the grass field to densely emulate chalk lines. The scene was not the Olympics, for these has passed through LA the year prior.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: My Lazarus Dad

There are few words that can tilt your world faster than “You’re fired.”

Unless it’s “Your dad’s in a coma and not expected to live.”

Two conversational clips that I heard within an hour seven years ago. St. Patty’s wasn’t my dad’s lucky day – nor was it mine – in 2008.… ...

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