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Life as a Miracle: a Triumphant Use of My College Degree

If you don’t recall what transpired in yesterday’s installment, look back. Now – it was the preamble to this valiant tale, the day I empowered my mother. I didn’t intend to take sides but as a certified speech-language pathologist –  and daughter #1 – how could I not act?...

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Life as a Miracle: My Mother Speaks Up

My mother was known for speaking her mind, a trait that I apparently inherited – read on!

That particular day, it was good thing was that I was painting my mother’s fingernails. My head was bent to the task, so I didn’t look up.… ...

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A hunch is angel talk and probably should not be ignored. The Holy Spirit that swirls. Provided to guide you morally to the end of your days and night. To help humankind and your self.

Listen to your hunches, pay attention to your intuition, do not dismiss your random thoughts.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Several Spontaneous Remarks

One gathers their treasures anywhere they can, nuggets of silver and gold to line the spirit and the heart. To bolster the ego as needed at time, too. Especially when one is feeling waterboarded by ‘stuff’ 🙁

Remarks to relish: spontaneous, unaffectedly spoken, and uncontrived.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: Mother Speaks Up

There's Always An Upside by PJ ColandoTen years ago, days before my birthday, my mother suffered a massive stroke. An incident that brought me to church, a miraculous God-incidence that I have testified and written about. You can purchase the book on my website, pjcolando.com

It was also a few days before my fourth chemotherapy to fight breast cancer.… ...

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Mother’s Magic Wand

There were few things that Larry and I retrieved when the sibling group cleaned-and-cleared out our parents home after my dad’s death. After all, I had wanted parents, not remnants of life and love lost.

My husband wanted my mom’s ironing board, a wistful ode to her thorough caring.… ...

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Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver: “One who drives slowly, as for leisure or sightseeing.”

'67 Chevy

Every Sunday afternoon, I recall clearly because I was at the “I want to learn to drive” age, my family went for a leisurely country drive. I wanted a turn, but…No.… ...

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It’s been a remarkable year, with most of our friends and family back East snowed in and under by weather: withering heights of snow, entrenched anxiety and disheveled spirits. Daggers of ice dripping from eaves, threatening to drive stakes into Spring.… ...

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Rubber Bands

rubber band ball

We do not have the world’s largest ball of rubber bands in our home. What’s pictured is one in a museum. What we do have in our home’s kitchen window is a rubber band collection on a scruffy, water-spotted birch candlestick that my father turned on his lathe. ...

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