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Online ordering replacing Mall shopping

READ IT! READ IT! READ ALL ABOUT IT!, the news boys of New York used to say. People grabbed newspapers for a pence or a dime. Now they pay nothing and read on their phones.


This article intrigued me several months ago.… ...

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Nostalgia and Angst

It’s Christmas/Kwanza/Hannukah season – and dozens more holidays around the world. Peace and joy!

Tis the season of celebration. Tis the season of frenzied preparation and sumptuous feasting: go-go-go, gulp!

Tis the season of nostalgia. Tis the season of angst.

Tis the season to be jolly for some… To others its the season to stir the pot.… ...

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…”when I’m 64″

Sgt. Pepper's Band

We were celebrating a big birthday and an ‘all-clear’ from cancer for me. My husband and I had also endured an intense period of deaths, pitfalls, and passages in the prior year, and we needed to culminate our grieving with some kind of commemorative trophy.… ...

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