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Language has Power and that’s Why I Write

The inciting question: What was an early experience where you learned that language had power… when my little sister’s first words were, “Patty did it.” Thus, we have why I write:

  •   Because I’m compelled by blood. I honor my heredity: my parents and their highly literate minds.
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A slave to Shakespeare ;-)


I’m an inadvertent slave of William Shakespeare – with whom I have much in common, some people say. Apparently, he re-invented the English Language, invigorating it with words he invented… And, my favorite editor/shred-it-or describes my style as brisk word blending (I think she made that term up)  😆

It’s no matter, I like the term.… ...

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My belief system should be clear to you, Constant Reader. I’ve often used the Einstein quote in my four years of blog-iverse blather. There is a God and He offers miracles daily. I believe. It’s a choice.

I also had grand Parents, who tried their best to get along and raise four kids…though they didn’t raise the siblings to get along with me.… ...

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Mother’s Magic Wand

There were few things that Larry and I retrieved when the sibling group cleaned-and-cleared out our parents home after my dad’s death. After all, I had wanted parents, not remnants of life and love lost.

My husband wanted my mom’s ironing board, a wistful ode to her thorough caring.… ...

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The trouble with…

The trouble with pain is its persistence, unlike memory or friends. It nags you like your mom before your first day of school – or your dad after your last.

Take an aspirin…

Aspirin absolves pain – without clear explanation.

Perhaps I should have aspirin talk to my mom and dad.… ...

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Live like a rock star

happy satr“I am a star!”

This statement of self-respect has knocked a few people off their axis. Relatively speaking, I’m thought to be prideful and/or addled by some – I see it in their squinty stink eyes. I do not fit into the more regular shapes of round, square, or triangular, so it’s even more difficult to jam my peg into place.… ...

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