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Don’t Project on Me

2000px-Gadsden_flag.svgThis is a famous flag from the American Revolution. According to Wikipedia, it’s called the Gadsden flag.

I plan to adapt it for my own: Don’t Project on Me. Call it the Colando flag. Ours will be aqua blue-green.

Perhaps I should tat it upon my sleeve, right above the heart that I wear.… ...

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I just went over to bake Christmas cookies…

P1030509I just went over to communally bake cookies and I was barely ten feet and ten minutes inside the door when

she pounced without an ounce of compunction to ask: “Do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in greeting at this time of year?”… ...

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The bean pole person was strolling Trader Joe’s aisles, just ahead of me and my cart, head wheeling around like a tourist.

At the end of the aisle she turned, and I realized that the bean pole was a female, not a man.… ...

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Been There. Done That.

Whew. Sometimes, you skip that amazing event because you crave a home stay, to read a book or watch TV or flick away idly at Facebook posts, while brutalizing your psyche with thoughts that you’ve missed a scrapbook moment, one for which it’s already too late.… ...

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My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.

Sometimes things are so much more simple than we make them out to be in our wild imaginations, we writers of our life. We think too much, analyze too much, let our minds wander…and end up concocting a woebegone story that feels real.… ...

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Fifty Shades of Gray

I’ve often said that I could never live where gray shrouds daylight. When it’s murky in southern California, my brain feels as foggy and bleary as the sky. I feel certain that I have a shade of SAAD.

I am a yoga devotee.… ...

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