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Hearty, happy, and unbreakable – not!

DSC04620 Hearty, happy, and unbreakable. This is my habitual stance: smiling, laughing, and dancing with great peace and joy.

Contained, cool, quick-witted. Independent, undaunted, suave.

I work assiduously over every endeavor to which I commit. Smiling all the while, making it look easy.… ...

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Miss America

That moment, that Miss America Moment, when you arrive at a venue, breathless and brisk, unintentionally delayed by a bazillion red lights –

That moment when you whisk in the door, hoping to be surreptitious, but are greeted with sea of smiles and sprinkle of waves –


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In the early ’80s Myers-Briggs came around, sweeping the Irvine Unified School District into its cyclone path, spitting out personality type info ad hoc. I worked at a small elementary school with perhaps two dozen staff – and everyone was an ENFJ!… ...

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