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Better Living through Chemistry

“One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small”…

Who recalls that song opener delivered in the hauntingly soaring voice of Grace Slick? Loved her personna, truly slick and surreal. Click and hear it now:

“The ones that Mother gives you don’t do anything at all,”but the handful that my physician prescribes seem to do everything but beat my heart....

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On the ragged edge of Physics

imagesOn the ragged edge of Physics, I walk – though not in stilettos like these. I dislike the color green…  As well as the prospect of pitching forward, face planted in pavement, clothing ruined and ego stubbed like my toes.

Foot and knee foibles are an inheritance, and good posture is not among my best traits, despite my mother’s and chiropractors’ tutelage. … ...

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The Physics of Christmas

Bursts of logic grace me from time-to-time. Blondes can handle logic, donchaknow! With holiday shopping complete and cards are their way via USPS, I had a few idle moments to contemplate today.  I trolled our calendar, scoped the bookshelves, and ravaged the refrigerator.… ...

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