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Politics is Universal and, as a Woman, it’s Personal

What was your favorite heroine, with her own fabulously and wildly successful series, when you were a childhood reader, my witty and wise women readers? Members of the Insecure Writers’ Support group – chime in! https://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com

I ask this not to be sexist or unkind, for I am neither, but because I write women’s fiction.… ...

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Bansky is alive and well in Bethlehem

We recently went to the Holy Lands, visiting many ancient, glorified sites. Each was spectacular, filled with the Holy Spirit, and a delight – despite the near-daily drenching rain. No, God did not command the skies to clear for our visit.… ...

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Thump Trump

Hi, my name is Amy. We’ve met before. Foxie moxie, as you recall. If you don’t – and even if you do – read the archive:  https://pjcolandoblog.com/amys-sassin/

I am an outspoken bodacious chicka. Some say I’ve got —–. PJ Colando knows that better than most.… ...

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Light another candle

“Thank u to u and ur husband for one of the nicest dinners out I have ever enjoyed by myself!”

Her wig was disheveled and obvious to a chemo survivor like me, and she was scrunched tight into the corner table, dining with an i-Phone facebook page.… ...

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Money for nothing

It’s over. We won; we lost; democracy worked; whatever. The robo-ringing of the phones has halted. Breathe in the silence.

We have a clean slate from TV ads: negative or positive, they were all highly polished – and highly priced I’ve heard.… ...

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