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Thirty Days in the Hole: COVID-19 Homestay

On March 15 we began a requested 15-day homestay.

Perhaps because we began with the live-streamed worship service and adult Sunday School service of our church, we were filled with peace and joy and good spirits. Perhaps because that’s our constant life mode anyway… my husband and I are blessed.… ...

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What Makes You Cry?

51MCA83CJnL._SX300_The intersection between what you desire and what your God desires is the provenance of the happy dance. There’s no denying the zen derivative: a pleasurable, peaceable life. Heaven bound.

But where and what’s the map, Honey Be-doers? (anyone here a graduate of Romper Room TV)

There’s the primer that ignited many with religious fervor: The Purpose-Driven Life.… ...

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Red Ferrari

It was a day threatening to rain more than the dabbles on our deck. It was also the day prior to a haircut… So I selected my orange fedora, blonde wisps peeking askew when I placed it atop my head. I got in my Mini Cooper to drive the freeway on errands.… ...

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water zenWhat do you consider as peak achievement, a moment of zen? I’ve had many in my career as an SLP, many in my careers as loving wife, daughter, and friend. You’ve read some of them here. My life as a Miracle.… ...

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Arrant: a rant


adjective: Complete; thorough.
Here’s a word that has had both its spelling and meaning bent out of shape from use. It’s a variant of errant (wandering). Earlier the word was used in the sense of wandering or vagrant, for example, an arrant thief or an arrant knave.
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Living Life as a Miracle: Thank You Sign

Six years ago, on this day, my father died, living 21 months past my mother, his dear wife/supporter/nurturer/friend. The ensuing family angst and drama sent me into tailspin. I’d lost my parents and hopes for family, left with only squabbley siblings.… ...

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Scribbles and Bits!


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Halloween Costume of Orange


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Live like a rock star

happy satr“I am a star!”

This statement of self-respect has knocked a few people off their axis. Relatively speaking, I’m thought to be prideful and/or addled by some – I see it in their squinty stink eyes. I do not fit into the more regular shapes of round, square, or triangular, so it’s even more difficult to jam my peg into place.… ...

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The Power of 1

in 1921 a playwright coined the word “robot” for a science fiction play. I learned this fact at a UC Irvine lecture showcasing their center dedicated to stroke rehabilitation with the use of robotics. Credible, incredible stuff.

80 years later, the world had ASIMO,  which is an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative MObility. ...

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