Despite the fact that’s no longer spring, but late summer, Facebook Live and Zoom have flourished and bloomed, tapping deep roots as we social distance in COVID-culture.


The extent of COVID has broadened, deepened, and widened, causing new downturns in vaster segments of the economy and the brave people of this new world.… ...

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We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s like herding cats.” Its referent is typically a group of squabbly women. What I’m about to relate is a 2020 version of that conundrum.

I attending a high-value writers conference in late February. I’d signed up in advance for personal interviews with two NY agents… and received requests for partials from both.… ...

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First world problems are mocked… until one becomes Personal to Thee or Me.

In early March, the early fright-filled days of COVID-19, our microwave lurched and stopped. Beaucoup chirpy clicks and beeps emerged from its space among the kitchen cabinets. My husband and I were in the midst of morning coffee sips, attempting to ‘come to’ at 7:00 a.m.,… ...

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In April billygoats arrived and a famous song came to mind. High on the hill stood a lonely goatherd... The ensemble was hired by my suburban city to provide the ubiquitous fire break.


Everyone knew their purpose: to keep us safe from seasonal fire that might rage down on our homes from the undeveloped hill.… ...

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I am a writer, a poet and a painter of words. I thrive on writing, which puts to use the bodacious vocabulary gained via reading since age four.

To write is to live strong, for me.

It’s an exercise, a walk-about to explore the truths within my heart, mind, and soul.… ...

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While America was in COVID quarantine, Facebook became a lifeline for those in isolation.

There were hundreds and hundreds of people making music with instruments, including their own – their voice – and the posts proliferated on the social media platform, uplifting all who clicked.… ...

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