Spring cleaning! The time is here. The dirt must be cleared.

It’s common among some Californians to do a body cleanse, but not since my mother did it ritually, had I considered a house cleanse.

My mother’s chore list –

Turn the mattress, beat the rugs, stretch the sheer curtains that covered windows before blinds… the latter was my job.… ...

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An odd thing happened in the OC this winter… it rained.

Seriously. California is winter’s promised land in Elsewhere, USA, and Orange County is its prime showcase, a mecca for many. Sunshine is our platform, our right, our spirit animal.

In a significant failure of Promise, it rained cats and dogs and elephants in the OC.… ...

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“These boots are made for walking…” but that’s not what they’ve been doing…


I purchased these boots last October to prepare for the much-craved El Nino rains. California’s crops and people were thirsty. Typical winter in soCal provides abundant water, but we hadn’t had typical in years; this year there’d be more as per needs, er demands.… ...

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“Please don’t!” I heard myself say and, expeditiously, my guest complied.

I couldn’t believe that I was refusing help in the kitchen, to clean up after a dinner party, but I was… She needed to be arrested.

Because she was at our kitchen sink, lavishingly spraying each utensil and plate, squandering water while we are all residing in drought.… ...

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