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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning! The time is here. The dirt must be cleared.

It’s common among some Californians to do a body cleanse, but not since my mother did it ritually, had I considered a house cleanse.

My mother’s chore list –

Turn the mattress, beat the rugs, stretch the sheer curtains that covered windows before blinds… the latter was my job.… ...

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The California Life Style

An odd thing happened in the OC this winter… it rained.

Seriously. California is winter’s promised land in Elsewhere, USA, and Orange County is its prime showcase, a mecca for many. Sunshine is our platform, our right, our spirit animal.

In a significant failure of Promise, it rained cats and dogs and elephants in the OC.… ...

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Simply Rain

What do you do when you can’t sleep, Constant Reader?

It’s a decidedly female dilemma, something hormonal and related to cortisol levels. A physician once explained the phenomena to me: that the mid-afternoon stress level is mirrored twelve hours later, at 2:30 a.m.… ...

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Veer Left

No, I’m not describing my politics, belief system, or aimless blonde wanderings, though I have all that. Maybe more than most… But this is a blast from the past, a winter’s storm blast.
Today’s tale is about my first venture at the famed Taos Ski Resort where, as I always do, I veered left.… ...
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“These boots are made for walking…” but that’s not what they’ve been doing…


I purchased these boots last October to prepare for the much-craved El Nino rains. California’s crops and people were thirsty. Typical winter in soCal provides abundant water, but we hadn’t had typical in years; this year there’d be more as per needs, er demands.… ...

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“Please don’t!” I heard myself say and, expeditiously, my guest complied.

I couldn’t believe that I was refusing help in the kitchen, to clean up after a dinner party, but I was… She needed to be arrested.

Because she was at our kitchen sink, lavishingly spraying each utensil and plate, squandering water while we are all residing in drought.… ...

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