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Banter is my stock in trade

I was always skilled and forthright with banter. Even when I was two… when I told the fire-and-brimstone preacher off. Prancing down the aisle to shake a fist in his face. In front of the entire congregation, I responded to his shouted messages, punctuated by fists in the air (I’m talented at mirroring, too).… ...

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Recess Reminiscence

Ri-i-i-ing!  It’s the school recess bell! The black-topped fare of jump rope awaits!

It’s a passionate exercise for girls who are not allowed to climb the jungle gym to burn off energy from morning math and reading. It’s the day of the dress or skirt worn to ‘be a lady’ and exercise the mind only in the shiny wood-and-steel desks.… ...

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