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Frigid Stare

Frigid stare.

If I parked a sparkly new Corvette on our freezer’s eye level shelf or deposited a shiny diamond in the vegetable crisper, my husband would just hold the door open and gape. For seconds which seem like days. In full view of a wife who wants to save on electric bills.… ...

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THE INCIDENT: 2nd character pov

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late… I parked in the far parking lot, mistiming the amount of steps required to the restaurant on the other end of the mall. While my Fitbit will reward me, my conscientiousness is brimming with guilt.… ...

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THE INCIDENT: hostess pov

It’s 11:35 on a rainy day, so there was little foot traffic at the mall. Though not many shoppers, the business buildings nearby had begun to unleash their hungry throngs, the regulars who keep this eatery afloat. Our restaurant’s generous portion of expansive windows weren’t their usual billboards that entice diners inside.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: 6:00 No Res.

So, after a day of nail-biting and angst, eyes glued to the National Weather Channel for Hurricane Irma news, I pulled my husband out of his La-Z-Boy with a promise of “I’ll buy” dinner out.

He fell for the ploy, despite our shared MasterCard, because he knew in his heart, as well as his belly, that we were both hungry for a view of a peaceful ocean.… ...

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