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My Favored Place to Write


If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be?

Today’s Insecure Writers question isn’t a question to me. It is a statement of peace and joy… For my favored place to write is Home.… ...

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A Cautionary TALE

 The good news is that my knees didn’t buckle, bend the wrong way, or creak during Thai travel.
The bad news evoked more revery than a single sentence…
Fragile, cautious, in jeopardy. Not feelings I’d ever experienced before. Never a victim of robbery or rape, I’d lived a face-forward life.
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Traffic and Trust

“How can they allow motorcycles between the cars on the freeways? What if someone opened their cardoor?”

This question/comment from a Colorado visitor long before the state legalized dope… Yikes!

$_35Neither my husband or I replied. How could we? We were/are not ‘they’ and the imbecilic notion of opening one’s car door while going 65+ mph couldn’t be touched politely.… ...

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A Safe Place


“I put it in a safe place.”

How many of you have done this? Put an important item in a ‘safe place’, and then moved on with the hurly-burly of life, and…were unable to locate the item when needed, bewildered?

I’ve learned to relax for several days, letting the notion of the misplaced float in the periphery of my brain and voila!… ...

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People Pie

Pi R SquareI like pie. You may, too…it’s just fruit. Oh, and a little flour and sugar, two of the deadly great whites. It’s a self-delusion to hide behind, to say that pie is just fruit. I can’t stand behind anything because my body’s plump.… ...

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