My husband and I have celebrated our anniversary in some spectacular fetes:

  • drinking darkly smoked beer among friends in Bamburg, Germany, a local delicacy that looked like Coke and tasted like bacon: it was unique!
  • purchasing patio furniture: two high-backed cushioned chairs and a cocktail table for our margaritas, gin and tonics, or wine to watch the Disneyland fireworks
  • dining at an intimate table for two at Old Vine Cafe, Costa Mesa, CA, where every course is inventively accented with a wine
  • sailing the Blue Danube on a river cruise from Budapest to Nuremburg, with the actual feast in an ancient cellar bar in Prague.
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This series of events occurred about ten years ago, in what seems like in a different century rather than recent past. It was an ambitious time in life, when everything was open and possible. It was my Saturday morning ritual to walk the two miles to a yoga facility in the local shopping mall.… ...

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