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Thirty Days in the Hole: COVID-19 Homestay

On March 15 we began a requested 15-day homestay.

Perhaps because we began with the live-streamed worship service and adult Sunday School service of our church, we were filled with peace and joy and good spirits. Perhaps because that’s our constant life mode anyway… my husband and I are blessed.… ...

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The Customer is Always Right – Wrong!

🙂 As you may know I have an extravagantly-healthy sense of self. Predicated on a staple of life demonstrated repeatedly, steadfastly, and in numerous ways:

  • I was raised in small farm-based communities in the ’50s Midwest, a place where everyday life was replete with chores with little time left to create chaos, at which Mother Nature’s skills surpassed anything humans could conceive btw.
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Living Life as A Miracle: Appliance

ringThe first rule of marriage, in our union anyway, is that only one person can go crazy at a time.

Typically neither of us is crazed, needy, or implosive; we go easy on each other. Ours in a home of placidity, a stable base to walk among the wasted, worrisome, and wicked ones of the world....

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Living Life as a Miracle: Business Class

A couple of years ago we had the great (great-great-great) good fortune to fly ultra-luxuriously on >>>Air Emirates

Business Class from LAX through Dubai to Africa and back. It was sublimely awesome in every way, not the least of which was that we had time to sleep – with a perfectly-sized plump/firm mattress laid atop the fully-reclined seat.… ...

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