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My new addiction is Amazon Prime

I’m afraid I have to report: in 2019 I succumbed. To Amazon Prime.

Its convenience, its speed, its spontaneity… and, unfortunately, its service to my impulse.

I want it, I need it, I see it, I get it. In Primetime. Pronto!

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Goal Setting is not my thing – HA

I’ve never considered goal setting my thing. I’ve never consciously set a goal in my adult life. I just drift and do, I think.

I didn’t set out to make straight As in college. I’d caught myself at being whimpery at a competitive grade loss in high school, junior year.… ...

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Prime is a good strategy for Boomers

So, have you got more money than time? An impulsive nature? A shopping habit that needs a hit?

Amazon Prime is the tool for you, Bunky. Try it! You’ll not only like it, it’s legit!

Prime is a good strategy for Boomers, people in the prime of their life who have buckets of cash and abundant needs.… ...

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Poor in a Grocery Store


You don’t need to recall it – I recall it everyday. My right arm and shoulder have sustained multiple injuries, so I refrain from carrying a heavy purse when I’m required to ‘walk-a-ways’ (a Midwestern vernacular term I haven’t shed, despite living in CA for near-forty years).… ...

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Life as a Miracle: 40th Birthday Surprise

My husband relishes control, while I cherish freedom. Each accepted the challenge of the other, near 40 years ago.

As you might surmise, Larry hates surprises. As the girlfriend, I’d tried once, in front of his sisters, by making popcorn balls for his birthday.… ...

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Grant Boys

I’m sitting here – amusing the muse – in my new Levi’s 5 pocket jeans, feeling well-dressed and sassy because I achieved the basic female criteria for new clothes:

  1. unnamedthey look good
  2. they feel good
  3. I got a good deal
  4. my husband took me shopping and said, “Buy whatever you want.”
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Spacey in Macy’s

We have to attend two weddings soon. Hadn’t been to one in a few years and, wouldn’t you know it, the gaggle of gowns hanging in the closet don’t fit. Must be that languishing forlornly shrinky-dinks sequins. Satin and polyester, too.… ...

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Fancy plushitous

shoesPlantar facitis – I have it again.

Oopsy, the shoes I’ve been wearing.

Oopsy, a mash-up of syllables and sounds again.

What’s a girl to do – go shoe shopping, of course!

One can not mend a brain, so one must spend –

Retail therapy is better than the cognitive kind.… ...

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Eight Days a Week

Baby Boomer that I am – spending miserly, shopping for deals – at Sam’s I am not.

Bill Engdahl enthusiast that I am, often smugly saying “here’s your sign” to some idiot.

The sign pictured is not on a Wal-Mart wall, the box store famed for online photos of ridiculously garbed folk, the Wal-Martians..… ...

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Costco Community

Costco cart


Costco shopping would be a great work out plan…if it weren’t for all of the food vendor carts with samples. Small bites of this and small bites of that can add up to pounds of padding. Yum – let me pause to snack rather than stack the cart! ...

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