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The Key to Charisma –

As an author and a person, we all seek customers, otherwise known as friends.

Friends who read, friends who buy, friends who write reviews and attend book events.

Charisma is a key ingredient to all of the above.

Charisma is a key to life.

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Miss America

That moment, that Miss America Moment, when you arrive at a venue, breathless and brisk, unintentionally delayed by a bazillion red lights –

That moment when you whisk in the door, hoping to be surreptitious, but are greeted with sea of smiles and sprinkle of waves –


That moment when you smile and enter unphased, with later apologies to the speaker.… ...

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Long to belong? Come hold my hand


You belong.You belong on this earth, you belong in the room. You belong to humanity and you belong to everything good and true. You belong. It is truly amazing how we can fool ourselves (or let other things fool us) into believing that we do not belong.
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I feel Pretty

pretty gorgeous

Pretty, I feel pretty…”

I never related to this tuneful phrase until after my cancer diagnosis, with its treatment and trials, not the least of which was discovering that I was not included with ‘them’. Triple bad and ugly.

It was very difficult to assimilate that....

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