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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning! The time is here. The dirt must be cleared.

It’s common among some Californians to do a body¬†cleanse,¬†but not since my mother did it ritually, had I considered a house cleanse.

My mother’s chore list –

Turn the mattress, beat the rugs, stretch the sheer curtains that covered windows before blinds… the latter was my job.… ...

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Aspen, the Community of One

Our friends in Colorado gushed over the fall color, the golden oneness of an Aspen grove when my husband and I rhapsodized about the fall color that we missed from our childhoods in the Midwest, during a visit with them last June.… ...

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Veer Left

No, I’m not describing my politics, belief system, or aimless blonde wanderings, though I have all that. Maybe more than most… But this is a blast from the past, a winter’s storm blast.
Today’s tale is about my first venture at the famed Taos Ski Resort where, as I always do, I veered left.
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Snow Globes

I have a collection of snow globes. There are about 25-30, I think. Some have music, some have movement, some have glitter and glamour. All sparkle with imitation, self-contained snow, gently adrift inside. They are loved and lovely treasures. Their display in our home throughout December and January helps me smile as I shake them with abandon, one each day.… ...

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