purdue_block_p Everyone has secrets: some large, some small, some devastating, some exact. Some would pin you to the wall or land an ‘innocent’ in jail.

Everyone has secrets: from their family, from their spouse, from themselves. It was a key learning point to my novel development: STASHES of family secrets revealed…I’m about to reveal one of mine –

My husband and I served hotdogs at the Beer Olympics at Purdue, several years running in the late ’70s, which were sort of the ’60s in the Midwest.… ...

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     In its April 1985 edition, Sports Illustrated published an article by George Plimpton that described an incredible rookie baseball player who was training at the Mets camp in St. Petersburg, Florida. The player was named Sidd Finch (Sidd being short for Siddhartha, the Indian mystic in Hermann Hesse’s book of the same name).
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