I live in a celebrity scene. Near-constant sunshine, miles and miles of beach, and clusters of people to worship it all.

Celebrity sightings are usual and the stars are casual about the recognition that accompanies publicity and fame.

Stars of the movies, stars of TV, star of the several sports teams thrive and walk among us in the crowded milieu of the O.C.… ...

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What do you recall from the first day of school?

What rite of passage pleased you most: your novelty lunchbox, new clothes, a fresh hair cut? What accompanied your catapult from carefree kinder and endless opportunities for mayhem?

What rite of passage piqued you on the hallowed day: your mother’s kiss to your forehead in front of your pals, a fist fight at the first recess, lunch money lost in a crack of the school bus seat, a torn shoelace?… ...

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