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Grammarly, Scrivener, and the AutoCorrect Nazi…is Excellence gained?

I’ve never considered goal setting my thing. I’ve never consciously set a goal in my life. I just drift and do, disregarding desire for excellence.

Who planted a goal for excellence in your brain? Your fourth-grade tutor, your high school English teacher, your competitive friend in debate?… ...

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Life as the Wheel of Fortune

I made several attempts to post this sign so that all of the message words showed, but the edges remained clipped. I’ve decided to post it as is…for isn’t this an apt depiction of daily life?!! We seldom are able to read all of the signs fully, readily, clearly....

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The Beatles came to America for my birthday, many years ago. They didn’t know it, but I did. That is the way of Fame – no thought for my existence.

George Harrison famously asserted that the Beatles didn’t want to be famous – they wanted to be successful.… ...

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Success Theater

This new term came to me in a Word Spy email, the urban dictionary that is keeping this older chick hip… well, actually my mouth is keeping me hipper, by eating all the stuff 🙁  But I digress as I speak of my propensity to ingest (laugh now)
My husband and I helped to decorate a Rose Parade float last week, an energetically fulfilling volunteer endeavor.
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His eyes disappear when he smiles and he smiles a lot.  He is smart and crafty and as handsome as a god.  And, a god he is in my world.

My world is deep and wide because I am a gregarious soul. … ...

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