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The Media

We live in an era of media bashing, indicting The Media as the source of all evil in many arenas of life. I’m as flummoxed by the tenet and the tone used to voice the opinion as well as by the fact that I can not agree that it’s fact.… ...

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What Color is Your Burka?

As much as I crave my claim to a nonjudgmental nature, I snared myself the other day. Caught red-handed, er, red-faced.



I maligned a couple of sullen overaged teens for spending too much time immersed in online games. Games with names sounding vaguely of comic books and war tomes.… ...

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Surfer Dudes

The grubby doorway yawns wide and its frame is mildly akimbo. It’s entry to a sallow stone building that is blocks from prime oceanside real estate, a place where squandered dreams live on. I am a sucker for an underdog, eager to savor and save what I can: “Let’s see what’s in here.”… ...

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