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Life as a Miracle: Narelle and Ed

My husband and I revel in travel. We’ve been to all 50 states and 40 countries in the world. Hurrah!

Our travel agent is a fortunate man because we usually bring our trips to him, so that he books appropriate air travel and the occasional side excursion, benefitting from the fees that our tour company pays to booking agents.… ...

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Walk like a Norwegian

Can you overlay the title paraphrase on the Bangles’ hit song? The mesmerizing melody could haunt…

If you can’t, here’s help from your friend, Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv6tuzHUuuk

I’ve been attempting to walk like a Norwegian for several months, greatly affected by the hyper erect posture of the country’s people, universally witnessed throughout Scandinavia actually, where we touristed for two weeks.… ...

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Because a Little Bug Said Ka-Choo“Bucket List”… If I hear or read that term one more time, I’m gonna implode. I’ll kick a bucket, onto somebody’s head like one of the situations of “Because a Little Bug Said Kachoo!”,  the ‘butterfly effect’ written with nonsensical wit by Dr.… ...

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Hemingway’s Bar

HBar_Hemingway_Ritz2emingway’s Bar. I recall the joy, my enthralled awe as I plunked my butt on a stool at Hemingway’s Bar in Paris. It was long before I set my intention to write a book, yet I succumbed to the immediate allure, the pretense of sitting in his place.… ...

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The Great Walk

I carry in my wallet a picture of a heart: a schematic of my dad’s blockages and remedy shunts. On the back, listed in his own hand, are the dates of his pacemaker operations.

It’s a small plastic-coated card, meant as medic alert, the size of Master Card and its priceless tradition.… ...

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Idioms and Idiots

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Muse – eum

nature     Nature is –

an ever-changing art museum. How lucky I am to have unlimited admission.

Where should I go to luxuriate in her glamour today, tomorrow, this summer, soon?

After six sets of house guests since January 1, hostessing other people’s vacations in our home, I need an adventure elsewhere – “Serenity Now!”...

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“Happy as Larry”

Greetings in America, a land of congeniality. In other parts of our country not blessed by irrepressible sunshine, people converse about weather. I’ve shared the jaw-dropping, weather-related comments of some of our visitors from Elsewhere in America in another post. They left us aghast.… ...

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