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Recycling Extraordinaire

It’s a new year: 2018. We didn’t die before we got old, as Roger Daltry, of The Who’s ‘Our Generation’ sang. We’re here and now, craving recollection, connection, life meanings that resonate like middle C. (Mardi Gras is coming, so this little girl picture tickles me.)

So let me review some 2017 highlights that have replenished my life force, people who hung out with me, abided me, and had fun doing silly stuff on a  whim back when – we were high school kids.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Several Spontaneous Remarks

One gathers their treasures anywhere they can, nuggets of silver and gold to line the spirit and the heart. To bolster the ego as needed at time, too. Especially when one is feeling waterboarded by ‘stuff’ 🙁

Remarks to relish: spontaneous, unaffectedly spoken, and uncontrived.… ...

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