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Life as a Miracle: ASHA Licensing Exam

I let my California speech-language pathology license lapse. I am a practicing SLP no more. I retain my lifetime credential to work in the public schools. Any state. I am ASHA-certified, a coveted process that proclaimed to be prohibitively difficult, but a cinch for me.… ...

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Check, please

What kind of person would quip thus to a waiter: “Bring me the smallest check, please?”

A cheeky one; that’s me, in case you don’t know. I may have smirked, but I didn’t wink. I promise; I was sincere.

What kind of waiter would take overlong to return to our table with the check…as he endlessly reduce-copied the bill to a thumbnail size.… ...

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Aussie Zeal

Larry and I have traveled Australia and New Zealand, our travel quest for 30 years:  http://www.tauck.com/tours/australia-travel/australia-cruise-ape-2016.aspx

Okay, I’ll admit on blog, it’s been our travel lust for that duration. We had to wait until

  1. we had a month to devote to the splendors Down Under,
  2. the cash to afford the expense
  3. the energy to fully explore the vast expanse

Travel abroad is amazing, awesome, zesty, and replenishing, thrilling to the core.… ...

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We returned from 8 days in Kauai where a favorite food is SPAM.

I returned to over 300 emails in my email SPAM folder.

You know you are getting older when…

the junk topics shift from penis extension and soft porn (disclaimer – I didn’t open!!)… ...

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