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No, I got GPS

You may/may not have heard me share that we’ve averaged two months/year of houseguests. My husband and I have lived here for nearly forty years… do the math.

Yes, welcome or unwelcome, we are nearing a benchmark of seven years of tourists onsite, children and/or adults in our face, requesting meals as well as comfy bed, fresh-washed linens, and pillow choices 😉 Thank goodness we don’t have a pet, which might ignite allergies and complaints.… ...

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Houseguests #3: GPS

We’ve had a host of house guests in Casa Colando, California: most interesting, some sublime, some ridiculous, some petty, a nervy test to the nerves. Reader beware, lest the latter people come to inhabit your house.

A couple called, saying that they were flying to Las Vegas, touring Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon, and that they thought they’d saunter over to California to visit with us.… ...

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