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Word Climbing: is it better than dumbing words down?

Do you recall a requisite of fourth grade English, the one to build a list of dead words to never use? My teacher, Mrs. Johnson, a svelte, distinguished woman who always wore black, instilled the notion in me.┬áVery posh for small town Indiana, she was the wife of the basketball coach, who, in the Hoosier state, was nominal king of the town.… ...

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Efficient vs. Effective

As you know I like word play. Some call me a word nerd, though I could have been a math geek based on my SAT scores. The affinity is a direct result of being an early reader, a skill nurtured strongly by both parents who were avid readers themselves.… ...

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It’s that time of the month again. The time when brains go on fail-safe mode and the fingers play the game. It’s time to be among the Bunco Babes.

It’s the scene of frivolity and conversational wandering that goes nowhere and everywhere, weaving a chord of friendship through our hearts.… ...

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