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It’s all in the perspective – which can shift

My husband and I returned from an exploration vacation of Holy Land sights at 1:30 yesterday. While we had a fabulous experience, my brain hasn’t coalesced into proper perspective of our shared adventures… Laundry clutter, the crapload of mail, and personal fatigue block clarity.… ...

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Message Via Voice

October is Better Speech-Language-Hearing Month, so here’s acknowledgement to my former career. YAY! I adored it as much as I adore my encore career of writing.

Allow me to share information from past life career, when I fervently worked as the problem solver of people’s oral communication skills: Communication is 7% word choice.… ...

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Amy’s Sassin’: STASHES novel excerpt

My mind is mostly where I converse when I’m in Jackie and Steve’s home. Maybe I’m schizophrenic, like my mom, but I think not. I have my wits about me. I try to blend into the family scene. Be pretty, be patient, be seated.… ...

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When I began to write  in ardent fervor, with words flowing as wreck-less extensions of my fingers, a mentor suggested Natalie Goldberg’s small book, Writing Down the Bones. Within the first few pages I found my reason: “I began to write…because nobody could say I was wrong.” Recognizing, reckoning – release!… ...

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