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The Affable Presence of Celebrity and Recognition

I live in a celebrity scene. Near-constant sunshine, miles and miles of beach, and clusters of people to worship it all.

Celebrity sightings are usual and the stars are casual about the recognition that accompanies publicity and fame.

Stars of the movies, stars of TV, star of the several sports teams thrive and walk among us in the crowded milieu of the O.C.… ...

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It’s all in the perspective – which can shift

My husband and I returned from an exploration vacation of Holy Land sights at 1:30 yesterday. While we had a fabulous experience, my brain hasn’t coalesced into proper perspective of our shared adventures… Laundry clutter, the crapload of mail, and personal fatigue block clarity.… ...

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Message Via Voice

October is Better Speech-Language-Hearing Month, so here’s acknowledgement to my former career. YAY! I adored it as much as I adore my encore career of writing.

Allow me to share information from past life career, when I fervently worked as the problem solver of people’s oral communication skills: Communication is 7% word choice.… ...

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Amy’s Sassin’: STASHES novel excerpt

My mind is mostly where I converse when I’m in Jackie and Steve’s home. Maybe I’m schizophrenic, like my mom, but I think not. I have my wits about me. I try to blend into the family scene. Be pretty, be patient, be seated.… ...

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When I began to write  in ardent fervor, with words flowing as wreck-less extensions of my fingers, a mentor suggested Natalie Goldberg’s small book, Writing Down the Bones. Within the first few pages I found my reason: “I began to write…because nobody could say I was wrong.”… ...

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