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Feeling Tready

Are you aqua-fit or aqua-fat?Water-aerobics-3_medium_640

I don’t have to choose: I am both.

You see, my mindful fitness routine includes water aerobics. I’ve just attended my 100th class.

Feeling tready, I am.

However, my unmindful imbibing infuses its own routine: each week I lose three pounds and each weekend I gain them back.… ...

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Crows vs. Parrots: round 1

Yesterday a famous parrot prompted a post.

Today hearts are heavy as we commemorate the date that the invisible, invincible shield of America crashed to the ground, along with the Twin Towers and thousands of lives.

Today I find a parallel natural event to post: a 55-minute turf, er tree, war that I witnessed while doing water aerobics.… ...

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