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The California Life Style

An odd thing happened in the OC this winter… it rained.

Seriously. California is winter’s promised land in Elsewhere, USA, and Orange County is its prime showcase, a mecca for many. Sunshine is our platform, our right, our spirit animal.

In a significant failure of Promise, it rained cats and dogs and elephants in the OC.… ...

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Weathering Social Agenda, the Storm Our Times

My husband and I have no social agenda except to have and be a “nice time”.

“Nice time” = It was Larry’s frequent phrase and I instantly ascribed.

When we converted ourselves to California-ism, it became easier to achieve: our new state offered increased choices for leisure.… ...

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It’s been a remarkable year, with most of our friends and family back East snowed in and under by weather: withering heights of snow, entrenched anxiety and disheveled spirits. Daggers of ice dripping from eaves, threatening to drive stakes into Spring.… ...

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House guests #4: whether you like it or not



The winter season has passed and taken its weather with it. Weather happens whether we like it or not, so we grin and bare it. We are blessed in southern California because with weather we most often get to bare it, not  bear it.… ...

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