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Seamstress No More, No Matter Anyhow

I used to sew my own clothes, but not anymore. The talent – the time – is gone.

I’m a Boomer-aged eyesight disallows threading a needle and I don’t wish to make more wrinkles in my forehead from fret. I feel like an antiquarian.… ...

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Online ordering replacing Mall shopping

READ IT! READ IT! READ ALL ABOUT IT!, the news boys of New York used to say. People grabbed newspapers for a pence or a dime. Now they pay nothing and read on their phones.


This article intrigued me several months ago.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Lost and Found

A fan/friend told me that she relishes the tales I write from life…

luckyI do, too. Especially when it comes to citing miracles. What follows is among the best, one that shouts ‘luck of the Irish’, followed by a chaser of champagne or beer.… ...

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