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Red vs White for Christmas Past, Present, and Future

We have a highly quotable friend. So, full disclosure, this is a phrase of his: “Drink red to be contemplative, white to get wild.”

Knowing John, he does either well. At least he used to. We know each other a lo-ong time.… ...

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Seasons 57

I was seated in the prime spot, 180 degrees opposite the double glass entry door, which afforded great light from a final summer day. I had just ordered a flight of Remarkable Reds, paying a premium for the privilege to sample three wines along with a platter of flatbread pizza that spanned the bar’s gleaming top (the width, not length; this is not a tale of loaves and fishes, folks).… ...

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If you moved Sideways across America from California, from the ‘left coast’ to the right, you’d trip over Indiana on your way to Maine.

The winds of change would have to blow you a bit north, or else you’d wind up in Jackson, Mississippi.… ...

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Blue Bird of Happiness

images-1Happiness is craved, for me as much as anyone, I confess.

In search of evermore accurate ways of quantifying human happiness, researchers at the University of Vermont have tuned into Twitter. Seriously, the Hollywood hype forum has come under academic scrutiny.… ...

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