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There was an Old Lady – and she was thee!

Sometimes there are no words.
Sometimes there are more.
Authors hear much about keywords when it comes to Amazon sales. I written about that in the past.
Today’s blog has another tasty treat: the continued alphabetical list of phrases I recall from my misspent youth.
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What does a zipper have in common with a buzz saw? Or flip-flops with a tuk-tuk? (A tuk-tuk was the auto rickshaw we rode in Bangkok last fall. Not the best transport in a traffic-congested city. Noise clogged the scenic view.… ...

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Double entendre words

We’re all aware of double entendre, a French phrase that masks dirty tricks of language, sexual innuendo and such. I recall an embarrassing attempt to titter beyond my parent’s Squaresville comprehension once as a teen. Only once. Nevermore…I’d forgotten that they’d been teens, too.… ...

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Efficient vs. Effective

As you know I like word play. Some call me a word nerd, though I could have been a math geek based on my SAT scores. The affinity is a direct result of being an early reader, a skill nurtured strongly by both parents who were avid readers themselves.… ...

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Word of the Day: Zeugma


Zeugma You know that I am a lover of words, alliteration, onomonopea, all syllables and sounds that glide off the tongue tip as smoothly as gin glides on.

Here’s a good one, a ‘doozie’ to behold: Zeugma.


Sounds like the car horn of yesteryear, doesn’t it!… ...

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24 words

You, hear me! Give this fire to that old man. Pull the black worm off the bark and give it to the mother. And no spitting in the ashes!”

It’s not quite the Gettysburg Address, but it is deathless prose.… ...

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C’est Moi


noun: One who loves words.
That’s OGOPHILE, not Francophile. C’est Moi. Et vous?
My wonderful hubby, Larry, would say he’s an OGLER and lover of me, who is addicted to words. He supports my habit, and I support everything of him and his.
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